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Solenoids & holding magnets

Electromagnetic actuators and sensors

Magnet Schultz is one of the world's leading manufacturers of solenoids, holding magnets and other types of electromagnetic actuators and sensor technologies.  

Components from Magnet-Schultz can be seen eg. within the offshore industry, the aviation industry, the automotive industry and the medical industry for tasks where precise movement and regulation of compressed air, hydraulics and electromechanical solutions are needed.

Electromagnets or solenoids, as they are also called, are expressions of electromagnetic actuators.

Basically, solenoids are devices that generate a magnetic field using a current coil that conducts current through iron parts. Here, magnetic poles are created, between which a magnetic attraction - the magnetic field, is formed.

If no current is applied to the coil, no magnetic field is generated and there is no movement.

If the coil current is regulated, the magnetic force can be regulated.

Depending on the construction of the solenoid, they can be of either the linear or rotating type, and are used to exert holding forces on components, decelerate or fix them.

With the Magnet Schultz modular and standard program, we are able to cover countless types of projects.

Rotary solenoids

When you need a fast turning movement of max. 110 degrees, a rotating solenoid / rotating magnet may be the right solution.

It can be either an ON/OFF and proportional rotating solenoids, or versions with or without return spring.

The rotating solenoids are characterized by precision and long life. The drive shaft has a ball bearing and no axial movements are performed during the rotation.


Holding magnets

Should doors, flaps or gates be kept open or closed?

Do you need a very short stroke, but high holding forces?

Solenoids and permanent holding magnets with or without galvanized pole surface.


Locking magnets

Shotbolt and locking solenoids can be used to lock a gate, door or flap, or to prevent them from being opened accidentally or unauthorized.

They can also block or release a handle or other manual control.

Locking magnets are made as push or pull types, as well as with end stops for position detection of the shot bolt.


Single acting solenoids

Magnets that can move, slide, pull or push a component quickly and with low effort over a small distance.

Can move a handle or an electric lock. Or can automate a device that was previously manually activated.


Valve and proportional magnets

Proportional solenoids are used to control your solenoid or pressure relief valve, and often for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

They are increasingly replacing the manually operated valves to meet the market's requirements for automation with associated increased complexity.

Valve and proportional magnets

ATEX/IECEX magnets

Magnet-Schulz has a wide range of linear and valve solenoids approved for use in ATEX and IECEx zones.

They are used i.a. in the offshore industry, petrochemical industry and for mining.


Accessories to electromagnets

You will find a large selection of optional accessories e.g. key control, lockable handles with the option of attaching padlocks, auxiliary switches or enclosures.

Optional equipment can be used with all switches, as long as they are the same size.


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