Temperature switches & sensors

Temperature control and regulation

Microtherm is a recognized German family-owned company, which since 1965 has been producing industry-approved thermal fuses, thermal sensors and temperature switches. The solutions are standard as well as customer-specific thermostat solutions, which are designed for temperature control and regulation in a wide range of electrical products, and which are widely used in eg. detectors, vending machines, household appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, robots, production lines and power plants.

Closed temperature switches

Due to the compact design, these switches are suitable for installations with limited space.

The switches are certified for a maximum current of 20A and temperatures up to 190 ° C.

The switches can open or close when the response temperature is reached - depending on the requirements of the application.

Features include high switching capacity, no vibrating noise, shock and vibration tested, no current sensitivity, gold switches for low current output.


Open temperature switches

In addition to the automatic reset, it is also possible to perform a manual reset and an electric holding function.

The open contact variants without housing can be used in ventilation systems in overheated condition. When the cooling air flow is interrupted (due to a blockage of the fan motor or a cover of the unit), the switch is released very quickly and prevents damage.

Typical applications include a wide range of household appliances, automotive and electrical applications. Connection options are many: plug, rivet, screw, welding or soldering.



High temperature switches

High temperature switches of the type K1 operate independently of current and measure the temperature using a bimetallic disc. After reaching the defined temperature, the switch opens or closes the circuit of the device to be protected. When the feedback temperature is reached, the switches switch back automatically. Characteristics include high-temperature materials (ceramics, steel, micanite), fixed temperature, automatic reset, various connection options.



Temperature controller

With a working temperature range of between -10 °C to 110 °C, high precision, long life and a splash-proof housing, the M-Series is characterized as a very reliable switch series. Possible applications include control electronics, air conditioning, underfloor heating and frost protection. With these electromechanical switches, an entire system of temperature sensors, evaluation and trigger electronics can be saved.


Temperature fuses and sensors

Temperature fuses and sensors

The temperature fuses contain either an organic "melting pellet" or a melt alloy. Current capacity is up to 25 A and the maximum trip temperature is up to 240 °C.

Temperature protection devices such as these are typically used in household appliances, electrical (small) appliances, heaters, transformers and in the automotive industry.


Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors and thermistors

Temperature sensors in the YAM / EF1 series are PTC thermistors or motor PTC, which are characterized by a sudden increase in resistance by a change in reaction temperature.

Temperature sensors of the NTC type describe a negative characteristic curve for an increasing temperature. They are often used as a good basis for temperature control of a device.

Sensors of the type STS series are characterized by a temperature curve that is very similar to the (already partially phased out) KTY sensors, and are offered as an alternative solution.

The wide field of PT sensors is characterized by a very precise temperature characteristic curve over a wide temperature range. These sensors are almost exclusively custom-made.



CD series

The CD series offers a simpler way to use as an alternative to other switches.



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