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IIoT & Industrial IT

IIoT løsninger og industriel IT til styring og overvågning for optimering af drift og energiforbrug, og minimering af nedetid.

We are Moxa's official partner in Denmark

We have been Moxa's official partner in Denmark for more than 25 years.

We help you with the latest IIoT and industrial IT knowledge & technology

- within IIoT software and hardware from i.a. Moxa - to:

Optimere og fremtidssikre dine industrielle IoT løsninger​

Skabe de bedste OT løsninger (Industrial Internet of Things)

Collect data for future improvements and efficiencies

As a technician, do you want to achieve a robust and secure data transfer from operational technology (OT) devices to IT-based cloud services?

To ensure that your data transmissions are accurate, secure and fast, and gain real-time insight into your devices, prevent errors, and achieve successful operation and development of your business?

By connecting your industrial devices, you can unleash the potential of industrial intelligence. It can accelerate project development and speed up the process from idea to market.

Here you get...

The best hardware

Based on all the requirements you have for standards and certification, temperature, environment, I/O interface, performance, durability and warranty, we help you find the best hardware solution.

The best software

You get user-friendly software solutions that make it easy to monitor data collection, wireless/mobile communication and applications for reading and communicating with remote devices.

The best experts

When you contact us, you will immediately get in touch with technically trained employees with many years of experience in IIoT and industrial IT, and who are there to help you find the right solution for you.

The best suppliers

Du finder hos os de leverandører, som på verdensplan er førende indenfor udvikling af IoT løsninger, og er gennemtestede, pålidelige og anerkendte brands.

The best support

Here you can get technical support before purchase, so you can ensure that you get what fits your application (compatible, environment, certification, etc.). You can receive your machines prepared and software installed. And if you need technical support after your purchase, we can help you with installation, configuration, troubleshooting, etc.

Industriel IT PC skærm med koder
IIOT netværks switch
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