About Thiim

Let us help you optimizing your operation and minimizing your downtime.

Let us help you optimizing your operation and minimizing your downtime.

Thiim was founded by Camillo Hansen Thiim in 1940, and has since developed and produced professional solutions for the industry.

In 1971, Ingeniørfirmaet C. Thiim became a public limited company led by Søren Thiim, who was director and owner of the company until the sale to Addtech in 2019.

Addtech AB is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and embraces more than 140 independent companies that offer high-tech products and solutions primarily for the manufacturing industry and the infrastructure area - with a focus on long-term sustainable growth.

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Today, the company focuses on the 3 product areas:

With its long history, the company and the 20 technically highly qualified employees possess an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that you will benefit from in any trade with Thiim.






You will get a clear sense of these values in every single contact you have with us.

These are values that we prioritize and do not compromise with. We never take our values for granted, why they are an active part of our daily work and our professional commitment. Communication between colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers is always based on these values. You will experience that they are clearly expressed in each and every interaction you have with us.


At Thiim, we actively seek the responsible path; to protect the environment the best we can. Electronic waste and batteries are therefore sent for recycling, and Elretur and Because.eco help us ensure that electronic waste does not end up in the wrong places.

World goals

Thiim supports the UN Agenda 2030. Based on the global sustainability goals, we continuously evaluate our impact on sustainable development.

Achieve gender equality and strengthen the rights and opportunities of women and girls

Thiim has a goal of 40% women in management positions by 2030. Although the industry is male-dominated, we focus on equal opportunities for and treatment of both sexes, and to ensure that women are not discriminated against.

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

We help with the expansion and upgrade of electronics solutions and industrial networks, and for optimization and securing of production of renewable energy in, among other things, solar cell systems and wind farms.

Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent working conditions for all

We strive to create and promote sustained economic growth by creating higher productivity and technological breakthroughs with a focus on innovation and creativity in decent jobs both by ourselves and our suppliers.

Build a robust infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and support innovation

Thiim is active in many different segments within industry and infrastructure. An example is that we provide efficient solutions for production companies and equipment for e.g. railways and energy supply.

Act quickly to combat climate change and its consequences

Thiim's operations are based on our respect for employees and business partners as well as our external stakeholders and the environment. We work with our business partners to achieve positive change and to encourage them to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Support peaceful and inclusive communities. Give everyone access to legal certainty and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

We want to be a reliable company to do business with and be employed in. Both customers, suppliers and employees must be able to feel safe, everyone must be treated with respect, rules and guidelines must apply to everyone at all levels, and the work environment must be inclusive and diverse .

Code of Conduct

Thiim’s operations build on our respect for employees and business partners, as well as our external stakeholders and the environment.

Our work on issues relating to the environment, ethics and quality forms an integral part of the Group companies’ strategic and operational activities.

Thiim’s objective is to generate added value for its stakeholders and to build relationships based on respect, responsibility and superior quality. Thiim and Addtech work with its business partners to achieve positive change and to encourage them to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Should you find that we fail to live up to our values and our Code of Conduct, you can report this through the whistleblower function.

Whistleblower function

Together with Addtech, Thiim strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics.

We value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business. Because of this, we offer a Whistleblower service that can be used by anyone to report irregularities that goes against our values and Code of Conduct.

To ensure anonymity for the whistleblower function, we use and external partner, Whistle B.

Follow the link below to get to the external whistleblower site. There you can find further information and choose more languages. 

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