Relay & electronics

Monitoring and measurering of electrical installations and for electrical safety in all projects.

We help you with the latest relay knowledge & technology

Is your answer yes to these 3 questions? Then call us!

  • Do you work within the industry?
  • Do you build machines and other electrical installations for industrial plants?
  • Do you need reliable and robust, high-quality relays for measuring current, voltage, frequency, phase failure, phase angle and temperatures?

We advise and help you with the right products for your specific panel, and make sure to deliver them on time.

In addition to standard devices, we offer flexible production of tailor-made electronics to your specific wishes.

Our relays can be used in many different applications and areas within industrial power and distribution projects, such as railways, emergency power systems (UPS), other transport systems and solar cell systems. 


What do customers say?

"We shop at Thiim for two reasons:One is that when we call them, it is always answered by a competent person with good technical understanding and who can quickly help and advise us on the phone. It saves us time that we don't have to first send an email or be transferred to several people.The other is their super good products that always live up to our expectations."
How may we help you?

We offer you...

Standard products

You will find a selection of Thiim's standard relays for eg. fault current detection, current and voltage measurement, and phase failure monitoring.

Customized products

You have the opportunity to have a standard product adapted to your specific needs and wishes.

Development of products

If you have a specific need for which there is no standard solution today, we will develop it for you. At Thiim you get the solution that suits you best.

Replacement of discontinued brands

If you no longer can buy products from a different brand, we can produce similar replacements for you.

The best products

All our products are of the best quality and meet the required national and European standards for the intended use.

The greatest experience

As a customer with us, you benefit from our 50+ years of experience in the production and adaptation of measuring relays.

The best experts

In contact with us, you will meet technically trained employees with many years of experience, who will help and guide you to the right solution for you.

The best support

You get help clarifying your specific problem and to find the optimal solution for you as quickly as possible. If we do not have a suitable standard, we quickly develop a prototype for testing and your approval.


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