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Isolation amplifier

Galvanic separation

Isolation amplifiers designed for galvanic separation and conversion for analogue input and output signals.

Thiim Isolation amplifiers are used to interface e.g. PLC and isolated signal from sensors and other equipment.

The amplifiers are available with multiple input formats for a wide application.


Multifunction AISA amplifiers

Build with a linear optocoupler.

It is designed for galvanic separation and conversion between different standards of analog input and output signals. Linearized optic transmission is used to achieve high accuracy.

To interface between different kinds of analog sensors and receiving instruments, such as indicators, recorders, alarm units and PLCs.

Multifunction AISB transmitter mV input

The mV transmitter is designed to convert low level noise sensitive signals into high level signals and improve the noise immunity by adding a galvanic separation.

AISB is build with a linearized optic transmission for high accuracy. The mV transmitter is a version of the isolation amplifier.

The mV transmitter is designed for the transmission of signals from distant sensors to the control room or for interface between sensor and PC or PLC.

Sensors can be of any kind like: shunt, measuring bridges or used in weight cells or in temperature units.

Loop isolator

The loop isolator is designed to separate one 4 - 20 mA loop into two galvanically separated 4-20 mA loops in order to prevent signal distortion and instrumentation damages due to electrical noise, voltage spikes and ground loop currents.

The insulation is based on a high performance linear optocoupler with an excellent linearity and a low coupling capacitance.

For use in instrumentation with current loop I/O as used by PLCs, sensors, recorders, indicators, alarm units etc.

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